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Malcolm Arnold - The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)

EM/f.PC/LP 0035
Real. David Lean
Mus. Malcolm Arnold

LP Columbia CS 9426Stereo (US)

Side 1.  
1. Overture (4:24) 
2. The River Kwai March : Colonel Bogey 
    Int. Mitch Miller and His Orchestra  (2:26) 
3. Shear’s Escape (4:01) 
4. Nicholson’s Victory (4:43)

Side 2.  
1.  Working on The Bridge (3:00) 
2. Trek to The Bridge (8:29) 
3. Camp Concert Dance (1:20) 
4. Finale (2:12)

Notes Back Cover
The stirring music in this Original Sound Track Recording album is from one of the most exciting and distinguished films of recent years, THE BRIDGE OF THE RIVER KWAI. Based on the novel of the same name, and starring William Holden, Alec Guiness and Jack Hawkins, the movie builds to a genuinely thrilling climax in its story of the construction of a great bridge across a jungle river during World War II. Set in Siam, the story fascinatingly  weaves together the fates and philosophies of these remarkable men, and their daring feats during the Japanese occupation of the peninsula.
The album opens with the Overture, the mighty bridge. Next comes the celebrated Colonel Bogey March, depicting the proud whistling of captured British soldiers as they march into a Japanese compound, and its counter-theme The River Kwai March. (Mitch Miller and his Orchestra and Chorus have recorded this music). The third selection portrays Holden's escape from the camp. Then follows music depicting Alec Guiness'efforts to establish international law in the camp, then the joyous celebration at his victory. The fifth selection brings a moment of peace to the drama.
Next is heard the music following the construction of the great bridge. The Trek to the Bridge follows Holden, Hawkins and Horne through the countryside with their native guides. Camp Concert Dance shows the brave efforts of the captured British soldiers to entertain themselves during imprisonment, and the suite closes with the exultant return of the march.
The composer, whose score is preserved on this record, is Malcolm Arnold, the British composer-conductor whose many scores have included music for the film "Trapeze", and several noted overtures and symphonies. Here, as in his other works, he has underlined the emotions and tensions of the characters with notable feeling and at the same time produced some memorable music.

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