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John Addison - The Honey Pot (1967)

EM/f.PC/LP 0004
Real. Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Mus. John Addison

LP United Artists 669147 – Stereo (GER)

Side 1. 
1. The Honey Pot – Main Title (2:02) 
2. Remembering The Old Days (1:42) 
3. Lone Star (2:06) 
4. Fox at Bay (1:21) 
5. Palm Springs Comes to Venice (2:44) 
6. The Love Game (1:26) 
7. Sarah (1:48)

Side 2. 

1. The Honey Pot – Reprise (1:10) 
2. Lone Star’s Secret Weapon (2:02) 
3. Time Remembered (2:51) 
4. Lost Romance (2:31) 
5. Strange Encounter (2:05) 
6. Palazzo (2:04) 
7. Play’s End (2:02)

Notes Back Cover
John Addison was born in Surray, England, and educated at Wellington College and at London's Royal College of Music, where, as a student, he won his first major award for composition. His musical career was interrupted by World War II: After six years in a Cavalry Regiment, he returned to civilian life and his music in 1946.
One of his first successes was a chamber work (a sextet for woodwinds) performed in 1950 at the Festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music at Frankfurt, Germany. Later, various commissions followed, including works for the B.B.C., London, for the Promenade Concerts and Cheltenham Festivals, and other events.
His ballet Carte Blanche was commissioned by Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet. Other credits include a musical revue, Cranks, over fifty film scores, including Tony Richardson's A Taste Of Honey, Girl With Green Eyes, and Tom Jones (which won an Academy Award "Oscar" in 1964 for Addison).
His most recent scores include A Fine Madness, Hitchcock's Torn Curtain, and Desmond Davis's The Uncle. His work for the theatre includes Lawrence Olivier's production of Hamlet, which opened the National Theatre in London, and a number of plays performed on Broadway and elsewhere, which were originally written for London's Royal Court Theatre; among them Osborne's The Entertainer and Luther, Ionesco's The Chairs, and Brecht's St. Joan of the Stockyards. Addison has also written scores for TV specials, last year's entry being CBS's highly acclaimed The Search For Ulysses.
Addison believes in working very closely with his Director, and The Honey Pot was no exception. During the composition of the score there were numerous meetings between Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Addison at their respective homes in Connecticut and England, at which the music was played over, discussed and altered. For presentation on the record, it has been edited by the composer.
John Addison lives with his wife and four children in a Georgian house surrounded by cherry orchards near Canterbury, England. 

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