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John Addison - The Scarlet Buccaneer (1976)

EM/f.PC/LP 0007
Real. James Goldstone
Mus. John Addison

LP MCA Records MCF 2779 - Stereo (GB)

Side 1. 
1. Swashbuckler Main Theme (2:43) 
2. The Coach Robbery (2:40) 
3. Love Theme (2:30) 
4. The Fencing Lesson – Ned and Jane (2:10) 
5. Torture – Erotica in Waltz Time (2:14) 
6. The Pickpocket Monkey (2:14) 
7. Retreat to The Ship (2:05)

Side 2. 
1. Swashbuckler Love Theme Reprise (2:24) 
2. The Incredible Chase (3:40) 
3. Swimming Sequence – A New Awareness (1:51) 
4. Assault on The Fortress (3:14) 
5. Derring-Do ! (2:55) 
6. End Title – End Cast (2:20)

Notes Back Cover
In preparing an action-filled adventure film, the producer should know from the onset that there will be a minimum of dialogue and a maximum of action to make the picture successful. Unlike the preparation of any other genre of film, the producer must consider music as a co-star in the making of an adventurous film.
So indeed, at a very early stage, the name of academy award winning JOHN ADDISON, whose great scores include Tom Jones and Sleuth, came first and foremost to the minds of the producer and director.
If one listens to a great film score without seeing the film, one can visually define the scene of the film as he is listening to the music from the film. And so be it with the album of THE SCARLET BUCCANEER.
Listen to the album and you will be able to see the marvelous rescue by Robert Shaw of his pal James Earl Jones. Listen to the album and you will see the duel between Robert Shaw and his romantic lady, Genevieve Bujold. Listen to the music and you will not only see but you will have your hair raised in a ride with Robert Shaw, James Earl Jones, and Genevieve Bujold in one of the most exciting chases ever on screen, and ending with the greatest stunt in the history of motion pictures. You will also chuckle at the attempted swordplay of Beau Bridges when he is facing our entire pirate crew. You will smile and cheer as Geoffrey Holder kills ten of the heavies with his dagger-throwing act. Listen to the music and you will see the physical confrontation between Peter Boyle, the evil Lord Durant, and Robert Shaw, our handsome hero, fencing until the final death scene where Robert Shaw runs him through.
In every music cue you will not only hear but you will also feel the joyous adventure, the musical wit, the warming romance, and the lilting excitement of life during the pirate periods of time past.
Truly JOHN ADDISON is one of the masters of musical painting where in listening to his notes you will see the actual cinematic visions of the screen.
Thank you JOHN ADDISON for making THE SCARLET BUCCANEER one of the most exciting screen events of 1976.

-Jennings Lang.

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