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John Addison - Tom Jones (1963)

EM/f.PC/LP 0001
TOM JONES (1963)
Real. Tony Richardson
Mus. John Addison

LP United Artists UAL 4113 – Mono (US)

Side 1
1. Main Title
2. Love Theme from “Tom Jones”
3. Sylvan Misadventures
4. Wine and Women
5. The Grim Guardians of Justice
6. Trying Times
7. The Tom Jones Strut
8. Ladies are Irresistable
9. Love Theme from “Tom Jones” – Variations.

Side 2
1. Born For Trouble
2. Tom Strikes Again
3. Lean Days
4. I Love You, Sophie Western
5. Britannia Rules
6. If He Swing By The String
7. The Squire Steps in
8. End Title

Notes Back Cover
The shouts of approval and huzzahs from both critics and audience alike that greeted the film, "Tom Jones", have rarely been equaled. NEWSWEEK proclaimed it, "the best comedy ever made", and adjectives such as bawdy, ribald, thrilling, lusty and robust are being tossed about with reckless abandon. Henry Fielding's monumental novel about England in the mid-Eighteeth century has, it is universally agreed, been turned into a cinema masterpiece by Producer-Director Tony Richardson and John Osborne, creator ot the magnificent screenplay.
And the performances -each a priceless gem - are incomparable. Albert Finney as the irresistible Tom, delectable Susannah York as Sophie Western, Hugh Griffith as the delightful reprobate Squire Western, Edith Evans, Joan Greenwood, and Diana Cilento all contribute characterizations that are certain to be acknowledged when award time nears.
John Addison composed and conducted the music for the original motion picture score, herein contained, and his contribution indeed embellished the superb film. Addison's frequent and deft use of the harpsichord creates a musical portrait of the tempo of those halcyon days when Tom Jones conquered one fair maiden after another, and his full orchestrations always enhance the action, whether it be a moment of stirring drama or a resounding belly laugh.
"TOM JONES" can certainly be singled out as one of the truly great motion pictures of our time, as can John Addison's great score.

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